Taiwan Bulbul – Eggs

The Taiwan Bulbul or Styan’s Bulbul (Pycnonotus taivanus) is an endemic species of bulbul that lives in eastern and southern Taiwan. These birds are very common around Taitung and often set up nests in the taller trees around our house. Recently, however, a pair of them has built theirs in the low bushes of Skyflower (Duranta erecta), right at the entrance of the house! I found this surprising as they must have noticed the rather heavy traffic of people walking in and out – now barely a metre from the nest! Also, the nest is at the height of my chest, so I can easily observe it through the leaves and branches.

The female bulbul laid four eggs, one each day. She didn’t spend much time in the nest until she was finished with the laying, which happened today. Since then she has been sitting on the eggs most of the time (apparently it’s the female alone that incubates the eggs), leaving only when disturbed by other birds in the vicinity and maybe when she needs to get some food. The eggs are well hidden from view and I needed to gently move away some of the branches to take a photo. Still, I am able to look at the bird through the leaves and she certainly does notice me too, looking at me intently with her small black eyes, perhaps ready to fly out in case she feels threatened. But it hasn’t happened yet as I try to move around in slow motion, even though I am no more than 30 centimetres from the bird.

From my research on the Internet, it only takes 11 – 12 days before the eggs hatch. If all goes well, I should be able to post pictures of the new-born baby bulbuls within the next two weeks.


Taiwan Bulbul eggs

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